Modular building construction

What We Do

We believe modular buildings need to be strong and robust, user-friendly, and maintenance free to provide the best level of comfort and degree of safety possible.

Our attention to detail is built on years of experience and reflected in new designs that result from the practical shortfalls seen in our industry. This intellectual equity is what distinguishes our services in the market today.

At Byrne Technical Services, we view each project with its individual needs and requirements. We design and build every module specifically to suit the project and its location. Whilst delivering this type of bespoke service, we continue to deliver on time and within budget.

Turnkey Solutions

Byrne Technical Services is a turnkey solution provider, able to deliver modular building solutions without having to rely on third party providers or sub-contractors. All the engineering necessary is provided by our in-house team and we thrive on providing solutions to complex scenarios.

Whatever the project and however remote, we can provide logistics, design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Our innovation strategy ensures creative solutions and the newest of technologies are considered for every project.